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Name:The Pentangular Gate
Website:The Pentangular Gate on LJ
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Community description:A Stargate 'five things' community
This is an open-participation, multi-writer version of the five-things meme that made the rounds of SG fandom in Aug/Sept 2006. (The form was around for a while before that -- see the Five Things entry at Fanlore.)

The Stargate meme went something like this:

Post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (Examples: "Five Jobs Walter Harriman Had Before He Joined the Air Force," "Five Things General Landry Will Never, Ever Tell Anyone.") Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun!

We thought it would be fun if more than one writer tackled the same set of prompts. So ...

We solicit SG-1, SGA, and SGU request prompts here. (Add some anytime you feel like it -- we'll be open to new prompts for the foreseeable future.)

We post prompts to the community in sets of five as separate entries. Writers who feel like responding to the prompts post their lists as comments to those entries. (Spoiler warnings required for episodes that haven't broadcast in all markets yet. Other warnings not required but appreciated as a courtesy to readers who might find particular content disturbing.) Participation is open and voluntary, no sign-ups required.

Since part of the fun is seeing what answers people come up with independently, we keep the fic responses screened while people write and post (maintainers who participate as writers promise not to peek), then unveil all the results and put up the next set of prompts.

We set this up as a community so that several of us could share maintainer duties without having to log out and in. You don't need to join the community to participate -- it all happens in comments. If you subscribe to the community, prompts and announcements (all brief or under cuts) will show up on your reading list.

A huge thank-you to everyone who's been playing!

CONFUSED? UNCERTAIN?: Ask how-to and tech-support questions here.

GOT A COOL PROMPT?: Post it here.

SUGGESTIONS?: Drop a note in the Suggestion Box.

SEEN A COOL FIVE-THINGS LIST SOMEWHERE ELSE?: Comment here with links to fics and lists in other comms and journals.


HAVE A FULL OR PARTIAL RESPONSE TO AN OLDER PROMPT?: We gave a second chance at the first 130 prompts here, and we may do something similar in the future, but for now we suggest you post your response to your journal (we'd love a link back to the comm) and comment here to let the readers of this comm know where they can find it.

ADVISORY: The comments in this journal may contain material of an adult nature. The main entries should be appropriate for all ages. If that changes, we'll edit this warning.


Subject-line spoiler warnings are required for spoiler-based references to any future movies and SGU. Please also be considerate in your feedback comments -- don't assume the writer and the other people reading have seen the newest movie or most recent eps or know all the spoiler info. Thanks!
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