It's time to unscreen our final set at [ profile] sg1_five_things! Our final five thing responses are:

Five times Major Davis was a patient at the SCG infirmary

Five things talked about at girls' poker night

Five incidents that everyone agreed to never, ever mention again

Five things brought back to SGC which had to be returned

Five things people added to Rush's hallway scribbling

Four things Jack did for Christmas & one he didn't

Four things Sam did for Christmas & one she didn't

Five English words Daniel prefers to use the Abydonian version of

Five times Radek Zelenka tells Rodney off in Czech (and what he says)

Five Pegasus dishes Sheppard could not eat

Five incidents that everyone agreed to never, ever mention again

Five things Jack and Vala have in common but would never admit to each other

Five times Elizabeth felt like she was running a kindergarten

Five crimes Rodney McKay didn’t commit

Five guys who hate wearing Destiny's space suits

Five men Sam slept with that weren’t aliens, members of SG-1, or guys she was engaged to

Five ways Jolinar might have survived after taking Sam as a host

Thank you to everyone who participated in this round, and to everyone who has participated in any way over the years!

There have been questions about this, so I'd like to reassure everyone that while we'll no longer be updating [ profile] sg1_five_things, the community itself isn't going anywhere. All of the fic and prompts and comments will remain here as an archive for as long as LJ allows it, and you are welcome to continue to read and comment.

Finally, I'll be putting up one last post after this--an unscreened collection post for any future five things you feel inspired to write. Anyone who wishes to is welcome to track that post to see what other things writers come up with.

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