Five secrets about Daniel that only Sam knows.

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he had night terrors for about a year after his parents died.

that he ran away from three foster homes.

daniel is pretty sure he only became an archaeologist because his parents died.

that if hadn’t gotten scholarships to college, he would’ve joined the navy so he could go to school on the G.I bill.

daniel sometimes regrets that he ever started drinking coffee.

From: [identity profile]

I think Daniel is much better of with a scholarship than joining the Navy! *g*

And yes, I can totally relate to #5! *g*
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So maybe Daniel the psychiatrist that spoke to T about the transplant in The Changeling was what Daniel thinks he would have become if his parents had lived:

Five Things About Daniel Only Teal'c Knows

He considered a career as a psychiatrist, but ultimately decided to pursue other degrees instead.

He watches more HGTV than Discovery Channel, because he is fascinated by the anthropological implications of the odder houses they show, and the more ordinary ones are just soothing to watch. The Discovery Channel, like the History Channel, just raises his blood pressure, because it gets so many things wrong!

He is phobic about scorpions, and after he teased O'Neill so long and so unmercifully about his reaction to the big fat juicy two foot tall spider on P8Y-738, Daniel Jackson is also a little phobic about O'Neill knowing this.

He wonders why Cassie's dog seems to have taken a dislike to him, and especially whether O'Neill had anything to do with this. As a matter of fact, he does, but not intentionally. O'Neill almost always brings bacon-scented doggy treats with him when he visits. O'Neill smells delicious. Teal'c with his symbiote, smells intriguing. Captain Carter smells appealingly feminine. Daniel Jackson smells boring and ordinary.

He misses Sha're's backrubs.

sid: (Five Things Stargate)

From: [personal profile] sid

Oh, poor ordinary-smelling Daniel! LOL

I will happily give him a backrub to help him feel better. Really. *g*
sid: (Daniel thumbs up)

From: [personal profile] sid

Ooh, the Navy bit is fascinating! Very "what if".

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