Responses to our most recent set of five-things prompts have been unscreened:

Five secrets about Daniel that only Sam knows.

Five things about Atlantis they discovered too late.

Five things that simply can’t be done on Destiny’s Bridge/the SGC/Atlantis control room.

Five jobs Eli applied to.

Five times an enemy was confused by Atlantis/SGC/Destiny.

All responses are now open for reading and feedback, and all prompts are still open to new responses if you feel inspired. You can also use this post as a place to comment with general meta about this round. The next set of prompts will be unlocked and announced on Thursday, and we're always open to new prompts (one prompt per comment, thanks!).

If you post a new response to any of the Set 155 prompts after this announcement, drop a note here with a link to the response comment. That'll help people find responses that weren't there when they read through right after the reveal. You might also want to post a link from your journal to let your flist know you've got something new up to read. Thanks!

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Will there be new prompts this week, or has the community died since there hasn't been anything for a month?

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