It's with sadness that the mods of [ profile] sg1_five_things announce that, after six years, we've decided it's time for the community to wind down.

However, we plan to go out with a bang! To that end, we are opening our spreadsheet of unused prompts for your perusal. From now until November 15th, this post will serve as a collection point for responses to any and all prompts. On November 15th, we will have one final, grand unveiling.

You can see all of the unused prompts here. Please note that the spreadsheet is divided by show, with a separate tab for each show. Look along the bottom to find the show(s) you're interested in.

If you're feeling nostalgic, you can also look through past used prompts here and here. If you want to answer one of those instead or as well, go ahead. In that case, please leave your reply on the original entry and post a link here to maximize readership.

Regardless of which prompt you're responding to, please include the prompt with your response here so we all know what it is.

As always, you're welcome to make your responses as long or short as you wish. Multiple comments is fine, and so is posting elsewhere and posting a link here.

Please feel free to respond to as many prompts as you have the time and inclination for. And spread the word! The more the merrier!

Finally, before we close, let me say how much we love all of you: the prompters, the writers, the readers, and the lurkers. It's you who have made this community what it is, and we appreciate the time and effort you've put into it. We couldn't have done it without you.


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so no new prompts between now and nov 15?

BTW if you didn't see i commented below.
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Re: Questions

Thanks for announcing your intentions. There's been no small freakout ( over what happened to the [ profile] sg1_debrief after a volunteer agreed to continue it, and then deleted her LJ & all her comms with it.
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Indeed! Makes me paranoid that the content of my other favorite LJ communities might be lost forever due to the short-sightedness of a few people who don't value fan history & the importance of archiving for the sake of future fans.

Although I'm no longer active in The X-Files fandom, I still occasionally need to hunt down old fanworks & discussions once in a while. Losing fan content after canon is "closed" isn't as dire as the Baghdad Museum being looted, but it's still the work of many sharing a common passion and does hold value. I'm relieved that there's a DreamWidth mirror for this comm just in case something extreme happens during the next LJ DoS attack.
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I've had lots of duplicate comment weirdness occur when I import my LJ to my WordPress mirror, but only infrequent aborts for DW imports.

DW does have a policy for abandoned communities with deleted/purged admins.

Oh, and I just found the LJ policy on abandoned comms!
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Hmm, I'll bet the duplicate weirdness & FUBARed userpics have a LOT to do with the LJ code pushes of the past 18 months *coughRelease86cough*, where some of the "improvements" to LJ were more than a little buggy and caused horrific export problems until the codemonkeys at [ profile] changelog fixed them. I suppose you could ask the codenerds at DW about a clean import; they're much more responsive than LJ's (less of a Russian language barrier).

I've submitted a "save the SG1-Debrief" request to LJ, and hope that other fans do, too, so that we get the attention of the admins.
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Re: Questions

it's not a question at all. i just want to voice my appreciations for you and the other mods for running this wonderful community. :) thank you!

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so, just to be sure i have this right, we post the responses to the unused prompts at this announcement post?
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Agreed--I'm sorry the comm's closing down new activity (though I definitely understand) and am glad it's lasted this long. I've enjoyed both writing & reading. :)

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Five Times Major Davis Was a Patient at the SCG Infirmary

His first visit to the infirmary as a patient took place when he slipped on ice in the Cheyenne Mountain parking lot, fell awkwardly, and sprained his wrist. Stupid Colorado winters.

He had the misfortune to be at SGC discussing routine matters when SG-2 brought back a highly contagious virus which only affected men. This led to a multitude of jokes which female personnel found hilarious. Davis was too busy throwing up to pay the jokes any heed.

Major Davis with a steaming mug of coffee + Dr. Lee trying to read and walk simultaneously = one very pissed major being treated for a minor burn to his arm.

He doesn’t remember much of his fourth stint in the infirmary. It involved abnormally high pheromones and an alien STD and he doesn’t want to recall any more, thank you very much. It was curable and that’s all he needs to know.

Davis had always scoffed at superstitions around Friday the 13th. That is, until he walked under a ladder at SGC one Friday the 13th and it promptly collapsed, hitting his back and knocking him on the cement floor. He needed stitches and still has a small scar on his chin from this incident. The fact that an invisible alien turned out to be responsible didn’t make him feel any better about the whole Friday the 13th thing.
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Wonderful! I particularly like 2 & 4. It was curable and that's all he needs to know. Hee hee :)

From: [identity profile]

Poor Davis! It's a wonder he still sets a foot in the SGC. *g*

And I really like that the invisible alien didn't make it better. *g*
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5 things talked about at girl's poker night

sex. the strange places they had it & the odd requests they’ve gotten.

men. the ones in their lives, the ones they fantasize about & the ones that got away.

clothes. what they bought & what they wished they could buy.

work. how it sometimes seems overwhelming & how often what they do goes unappreciated.

children. their friends’, their relatives’ & they ones they probably won’t have because for their jobs.

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5 incidents that everyone agreed to never, ever mention again

that thing with, know who on that one planet.

how a half-track ended up in the community pool 3 towns away.

what happened after daniel’s birthday party that one year that caused him to flinch every time someone mentioned the internet for a month afterwards.

how 6 new recruits ended up in their a dog wyoming.

that noodle incident.

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5 things brought back to SGC which had to be returned

1. a large colorful tent that a tribal leader gave sam after she commented on it.

2. a crate of fruit that about 9 out of 10 people at the SGC were allergic to.

3. 50 sheep, plus 2 shepherds, that a village mayor insisted mitchell have after he commented on how they were more fluffy than earth sheep.

4. candles that set off the fire suppression system when they were lit.

5. jonas quinn
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Oh man when I saw the prompt I knew someone was going to have to mention Jonas.

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5 things people added to rush's hallway scribbling

kilroy was here.
(with the standard doodle)

867-5309; jenny

there once was a woman from venus, whose body was shaped like a
(for some reason this was never finished)

hey, telford! your mother wears combat boots!
--yes, she does. what about it?

chloe + matt 4 eva
(both deny writing this)

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4 things jack did for christmas & 1 he didn't

the 4 things he did;

drop off treats & toys for the dogs at the shelter he volunteers at.

help wrap presents for the patients at the VA hospital.

take cassie christmas shopping.

introduce teal’c to his two favorite christmas movies: die hard & die hard 2

the 1 he didn’t;

kiss sam under the mistletoe at the SGC christmas party. even though he was just drunk enough to use that as an excuse.

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4 things sam did for christmas & 1 she didn't

the 4 she did;

called her brother mark to catch up.

sent gifts to all of her friends kids, as well as her niece & nephew.

take cassie shopping for jack’s present.

treat herself to a spa package.

the 1 she didn’t;

kiss jack under the mistletoe at the SGC christmas party. even though she was just drunk enough to use that as an excuse.

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5 english words daniel prefers to use the abydonian version of.

the abydonian word loosely translates to; a small wind.

the abydonian word, roughly translated, is rock head.

in abydonian word is, more or less, rude person.

the abydonian word loosely translates to; animal droppings

in abydonian the sexual version of the word, roughly, translates to; intense coupling.

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5 times radek zalenka tells rodney off in czech (and what he says).

author’s note: all translations were done by google translate. any mistakes are theirs.

zelenka had requested that some apple strudel be sent with the latest shipment of supplies. in the mess kitchen he set aside a piece for his lunch break & put his name on the wrapping. when he came to claim it, he found rodney with the empty wrapper & brushing crumbs off of his lips. zelenka yelled; jste chamtivý, bezohledný prase! (you greedy, thoughtless pig!)

once, during their first weeks in atlantis, rodney & zelenka were looking for possible lab locations. rodney insisted on leading the way back and promptly got them lost. zelenka figured out where they took a wrong turn and went back, not caring if rodney followed. later rodney smugly told anyone who would listen that he was the one who led them back. zelenka informed him; jste nemohli najít svůj zadek oběma rukama a mapou. (you could not find your ass with both hands and a map.)

a Polish technician transferred to atlantis and it wasn't long before she & zelenka started hitting it off. her engilsh wasn’t good, but they knew enough of each other’s language to communicate. the only problem was rodney, he always managed to show up whenever they were having a nice conversation. he even went as far as to sit uninvited at the table where they were having coffee. after she made a hasty exit, rodney declared; “she wants me”. zelenka responded; asi tolik, jak chce kořenového kanálku. (about as much as she wants a root canal.)

the flu had hit atlantis & about half of the people had a serious case of it, including rodney. zelenka had a mild form the week before and was working in the lab by himself. rodney showed up, insisting he could work. all he did was get in zelenka’s way, sniffle, complain and cough all over the place. annoyed, zelenka turned on him with; Jste tak užitečná jako prsa na kance! (you are as useful as breasts on a boar!)

while on a off-world mission to examine some technology that may have been left by the ancients rodney somehow managed to insult or offend the locals at every every opportunity. zelenka did his best to control the damage, but got fed up and asked rodney; jste se narodil tolik z blbec, nebo trénuješ? (were you born this much of a jackass, or do you practice?)

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5 pegasus dishes sheppard could not eat.

john was told it was a desert. frankly, it looked like crap on a plate. maybe it was like the finnish mämmi, but he wasn’t taking any chances. john snuck his portion back on the platter with the rest of it.

they said it was an ale of some sort. it was like a thick milkshake & smelled like cat pee. john dumped it back into the pitcher when no one was looking.

the stuff looked like a pile of cooked ground beef, but had a grey slime on it. john gave it to a dog-like animal that was hanging around.

it looked like the bowl was filled with very large rice krispies. they were making crackling noises, but no milk had been poured on them & john was sure a couple of them moved. he pretended to trip, spilling the whole bowl on the ground.

the fruit looked kind of like an apple, but had a rind similar to an orange. once peeled, the smell reminded john of diesel fuel & the part you were supposed to eat was sort of fuzzy. ronon seemed to be enjoying his, so john gave it to him.
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LOL!! I wouldn't want to eat any of those either! Love the last one the most! :D

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Woah! You found really horrible things for him! *bg*
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Five incidents that everyone agreed to never, ever mention again

1. The incident with the very clingy, sex-starved tentacle aliens at the SGC.

2. The one time when Carter and McKay were wrong – and Kavanagh was right.

3. The incident with the love potion in the drinking water on Atlantis. All security footage of this night was deleted.

4. When Colonel O’Neill was beamed naked on the bridge of the Prometheus. Fortunately it was by an Asgard who wasn’t offended by his attire.

5. The year when Sam Carter was responsible for the Thanksgiving turkey.

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Five things Jack and Vala have in common but would never admit to each other

1. They both hate the green, slimy spinach the mess serves on Fridays. But they would never admit that because Jack once boasted that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t eat. Vala said the same ... and now they are stuck with the spinach from time to time.

2. They both try to hide behind sarcasm and nonchalance. But beneath this there are two persons who have seen too much suffering. Their own and that of their friends.

3. They’ll never talk about their children.

4. They both fear getting old. Jack - because he loves all sorts of sports and fears the day his knees will tell him that skiing is out of the question. Vala - because beauty and seduction always have been two of her favorite tools for success.

5. They both want Daniel Jackson in their bed. Jack will never say a thing as long as DADT hasn’t been revoked. Vala will admit wanting Daniel to everybody else, but never directly to Jack because she somehow knows that this is the one area where he’ll always win.

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Great look at these characters. I can just the two of them sitting in the mess having a spinach-off!

From: [identity profile]

Thank you very much! And yes, they would be stubborn like that. *g*

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5 times elizabeth felt like she was running a kindergarten

a couple of the exploration teams got into a name-calling match that got childish very quickly.

a few scientists got cranky in the afternoons, until elizabeth suggested naps.

some people had a hard time with the concept of “sharing.”

sometimes a disagreement ended with someone sticking their tongue out at the other person.

elizabeth wishes she had a dollar for every time she heard a “did not!” “did too!” exchange.

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Five crimes Rodney McKay didn’t commit

1. He never stole the ZMP from the planet of the winged people (because there was none left when they arrived).

2. He never killed anyone in cold blood (because there was his team to take away his pistol. The man who had killed Zelenka ended up in jail instead, although Rodney always thought this wasn’t enough).

3. He never commited the crime of cooking himself when he invited his friends (because he always ordered food from the mess hall and made the cook swear to secrecy).

4. He never insulted the High Chancellor of Arton’Tor (because when he opened his mouth to do so Sheppard sealed his mouth with a kiss. There was a lot of explaining to do afterwards, but everything was better than to lose the best coffee deal they’d ever had).

5. He never commited the crime of marrying anyone else than John Sheppard (because John had an unique way to convince him that size did indeed matter)

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Title: Five guys who hate wearing Destiny's space suits
Author: Shenandoah Risu
Content Flags: phobias
Characters: Five space walkers and the Destiny crew
Word Count: 768
Excerpt: “Ummm… Colonel Young? Is it Disney Day again? Just whistle while you work?”
Author's Notes: Written for prompt set #157 at [ profile] sg1_five_things. I wrote this story and submitted the prompt over two years ago, but it was never chosen. It's the perfect story for the final set. It's waited on my hard drive for this moment for over two years.
Disclaimer: I don't own SGU. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Now, Young... Young I'd know what to do with. ;-)
Thanks for reading! Feedback = Love. ;-)
Please leave comments at my LJ if it's not too much trouble.


Five guys who hate wearing Destiny's space suits (


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Prompt: 5 Men Sam Slept With That Weren’t Aliens, Members of SG-1, Or Guys She Was Engaged To.

Title: Rising Star
Fandoms: Stargate SG-1, Criminal Minds, Early Edition, Numb3rs, Thoughtcrimes, Stargate Atlantis.
Disclaimer: The Stargate Franchise doesn’t belong to me.
AN: Not beta-read. Sorry. All mistakes are mine.


LJ claims it's too long for a comment, but it really isn't. *shrugs*

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Title: It Had To Be You
Fandom: Stargate SG-1.
Disclaimer: The Stargate Franchise doesn’t belong to me.
AN: Not beta-read. Sorry. All mistakes are mine.


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The prompt for this one is: 5 ways Jolinar might have survived after taking Sam as a host.

Sorry about that.

From: [identity profile]

Ah, that last one is so sad. Nice line up!

From: [identity profile]

*lol* And now I want to know what happened! *g*

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